Things To Know About Striping Parking Lots Tips Houston

One of the first keys to striping is keeping your head still. This is essential in striping but it’s also essential in sports. I coach baseball and when I coach pitchers I tell them “don’t move your head.” When a right-handed pitcher steps back with his left foot his head remains motionless, directly above his right foot. The same thing applies for coaching batters. When the pitcher steps back with his left foot the batter also coils back but his head never moves, either. Call warehouse floor striping Houston


Next, when the pitcher strides forward Because if the batter would stride forward 18 in. his head would drop to a different level and so would his eyes. You don’t want that. Just like a batter a striper needs to keep his head still and take normal strides. Striping is a very technical task & should be left for professional.


And, just like a batter, a striping contractor needs move smoothly, or glide. Runners and Olympic walkers don’t move their heads. They glide along the same “plane.” Everything from their neck down moves but not their head. There’s no bouncing around, no swaying side to side, no up and down stuff; just glide.


So while striping keep your head still, take normal strides, and glide – that way your eyes can focus.

But where do you focus your eyes? I once took a couple of speed reading courses at California State University, Northridge. I learned that reading fast doesn’t depend solely upon peripheral vision, it depends on the right balance of “hard focusing Contact industrial floor striping Houston


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