Dental Bone Grafting in Los Angeles- Ways to Take Care of Your Bone Graph

A dental bone graph can be used to restore the bone after bone loss from procedures including a tooth extraction or tooth loss. One the bone has been stored a dental professional can fix the implants or perform another procedure. When looking to have dental bone grafting in Los Angeles there are some things to know. A spare bone is taken out of the patient, a cadaver, or even a synthetic bone is used to replace the area where there is a bone deficiency. The fake bone is then fused to existing bones. When the bone graph heals it will help strengthen the mouth and the teeth.

One the day of the bone graft tooth extraction in Los Angeles there is some things that you can expect from the procedure. You may be given general anesthesia orally or through an IV. If you are given local anesthesia you are going to be awake for your procedure. You should talk to your dentist about your different options. You are going to need someone to drive you to the office and take you back home. You are going to need to take a day or two off of work. This will allow the anesthesia to wear off and you can recover before working. Most people try to schedule this procedure on Friday so they can take the weekend off to recover.

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The dentist you are using for the synthetic bone grafting in Los Angeles you are going to want to find out what will happen after the procedure. You will need to take measures to prevent infections and need to follow the instructions on your prescription exactly. You will be prescribed pain medication and you may need to take it after the operation. You should tell your dentists about any allergies to medication you may have and any side effects from the procedure that you are following. They will be able to prescribe something that you can do to help stop the pain.

You should follow up with your insurance company about anys and dental bone grafting cost in Los Angeles any copays you may have. After the bone graphic procedure, you should not eat foods that are hard and avoid chewing until your dentist tells you it is okay. You cannot put pressure on this area until it is healed. You may not be able to have the full functioning of your mouth until you are healed. You should not brush this area or the areas where there are incisions until they are healed as brushing will add pressure. Your dental bone graph can take between 6 and 12 months to be fully healed. During this time your dentist will follow up with you to make sure you are healing properly. If the bone graph is not effective your dentist will remove it and then try the procedure once again when the mouth is healed.